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Santa Ubaldesca
Fresco, Chapel of the Grand Magistry of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Rome, Italy

[Saint Ubaldesca, SMOM Grand Magistry, Rome]


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St. Ubaldesca
Fresco, St. John's Co-Cathedral, La Valletta, Malta
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St. Ubaldesca
Statue Order of Malta Church, Prague

Saint Ubaldesca
Canvas, Collegio, Malta

St. Ubaldesca
Oil painting at St John's Gate, London

Grand Priory of the Order of Malta, Vienna/Austria

St. Ubaldesca
Stained Glass window
St John's Church, London

Staind glass window
Order of Malta Church, Prague/Czech Republic


Church of the Most Holy Trinity, Veguillas/Spain


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Santa Waldesca
Les Useres, Valencia, Spain
[We thank Alfredo Garcia for the picture!]

Santa Ubaldesca
on the title page of the book: Ubaldesca, una santa laica nella Pisa dei secoli XII e XIII di Gabriele Zaccagnini, Pisa, GISEM-ETS, 1996, PP. 281

Detail of the "Our Lady of Philerme" Icon at Ehreshoven/Germany

Pictures from Calcinaia

Sijena Monastery, built in the twelfth century with a late Romanesque Cistercian and in 1597 received the Grand Master of the Order of Malta the reliquary of St. Walcesca.

Some relics of St. Waldesca, were distributed to various places and revered as a cult object. One of them came to the monastery of Sijena in 1600, sent by the Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Lombex, although according to other sources, the donor was Lourbens Hugo de Verdalle, also Grand Master. Anyway, during the priory of Mrs. Serena de Moncayo (1593-1608), an Italian saint rib came to the monastery, sending the prioress build a chapel for the occasion, and the silver reliquary with pearls strung that even today It houses the relic.

Source: http://www.miguelservet.org/expolio.htm automatically translated by Google translate.

Church dedicated to St. Ubaldesca in Poala, Malta.

Statue of St. Ubaldesca (Paola Parish Church, Malta)

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